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Emulsified Lip Scrub

PhaseIngredientPercent (%)Weight (g)
Phase APolawax NF55
Carrier oil2020
Stearic acid2.52.5
Shea butter22
Phase BGlicerin88
Distilled water59.559.5
Phase CPreservative11
Flavored oil22
Total weight (g)

Phase D: Granulated sugar 200g

*** If you change the amount of the recipe adjust the sugar amount accordingly

Looking for a creamy lip scrub? This emulsified lip scrub is ideal for dry lips that need extra care.

The exfoliator is granulated sugar, an ingredient everyone has.

Phase A combines emulsifying wax, carrier oil, butter and stearic acid. I'll go through the ingredients and alternatives you can use.

I use Polawax NF. You can replace it with another emulsified wax. If you don't want a thick final product, you need to choose an emulsifying wax that gives a light texture.

In the post about basic lotions I made the same recipe with different emulsifying waxes to demonstrate how each emulsifying wax gives a different texture and consistency in the final product.

If you want to swap the stearic acid, you can use berry wax, rice bran wax or beeswax.

For my carrier oil, I use macadamia oil infused with alkanet. The alkanet infusion is what gives the pink color to this scrub. You can replace it with any carrier oil of your choice, such as sunflower oil, rice bran oil, sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil.


Check this post about oil infusions. You can use different infusions, such as calendula oil infusion, green tea oil infusion, lavender oil infusion etc.

You can replace the shea butter with mango butter or cocoa butter.

In phase B, we combine distilled water and glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant. You can swap the glycerin with sorbitol or skip it and add the amount to the distilled water.

In phase C, we have the preservative. I use Cosgard. You can use your preferred cosmetic preservative. Remember to use it according to your supplier's instructions. If you need to adjust the amount, balance it by adding or retracting from the distilled water amount.

Also in phase C is the flavored oil. Flavored oil is used in lip products. Usually, we can use up to 2% of flavored oil in a lip product. I do not recommend using essential oil in lip products. If you do not have flavored oil, you can skip it and add the amount to the carrier oil. Another option is to use orange peel powder or cinnamon powder instead of flavored oil.

Lastly, in phase D, we have granulated sugar. This is our exfoliator. Sugar is not too harsh exfoliator, so that we can use it as a body and lips exfoliator.

I also use granulated sugar in my emulsified body scrub.

This recipe is for 100g. Please use the calculator to change the amount if you wish to make a smaller or a larger amount.


  1. In a heat resistance container, add phase A ingredients.





  1. In a second heat resistance container, add phase B ingredients.



  1. Place phases A and B into a double boiler on medium heat. Cover phase B with aluminum foil to minimize evaporation.


  1. while phases A and B are heating, prepare phase C in a different container.



  1. Remove phases A and B from the heat. Combine phases A and B.



  1. Check the temperature before adding phase C. Add phase C when the temperature is less than 40 degrees Celsius.




  1. Check the PH level and adjust if necessary. My emulsion had a PH level of 5.9, so I did not adjust it. PH between 5-6 is fine. Check this post about PH adjustments in cosmetics.

  2. Add phase D and combine.




  1. Move the lip scrub to your chosen container. Your lip scrub is ready.





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