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Happy Soap


This soap makes me happy. I made this soap using three leftovers bars of soap I had for a few months.

Happy Soap 1

I decided to cut the three bars into little square pieces and use them in a new soap. The ingredients for this soap are easy to find. There are no fancy oils or plant extracts.


  • Water 224g
  • Lye* 109g
  • Olive oil 480g
  • Coconut oil 160g
  • Shea butter 112g
  • Castor oil 48g
  • Red clay powder 4g
  • Essential oils blend 30g
* Lye is sodium hydroxide


First, we need protective glasses and gloves.

Happy Soap 2

  1. Mix the Lye with the water and set it aside to cool down (preferably under 40-celsius degrees).
  2. Weigh the hard oils, butters, and liquid oils and heat on medium heat until melted.
  3. Once our Lye solution and oils are below 40 degrees celsius, we can pour the Lye solution into the oils.

Happy Soap 3

  1. We mix it with an immersion blender till a light trace (which means the oils and water are now completely emulsified).

Happy Soap 4

  1. We add the clay to the mixture and mix it to incorporate it into the mixture.

Happy Soap 5

  1. Now it's time to add the essential oils blend. This is optional. If you prefer a soap without fragrance, you can skip it altogether.

Happy Soap 6

  1. Now, we mix everything by hand, and once it's all mixed, we add the little soap squares we cut earlier.

Happy Soap 7

  1. We make sure all the parts are well incorporated in the mixture, and now we can pour it into the mold.

Happy Soap 8

Happy Soap 9

  1. To release air bubbles, tap the mold a few times on the counter. That's it, our soap is now almost ready. We let it sit for 24-48 hours before unmolding it and cutting it.

Happy Soap 10

  1. Once we cut the soap, we need to wait around 4 weeks for the soap to cure (some water evaporates, and the soap gets harder).

Happy Soap 11

If you want, you can stamp your soap and trim the edges with a vegetable peeler.

Happy Soap 1