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Lip Balm (With Infused Oil)


This lip balm has a beautiful pinky color. It's a combination of infused oil and mica powder. The lip balm has a very light tint, nothing too strong or notable. The castor oil gives it a bit of shine, so you get the moisturizing and some pale pink shine to your lips.

Check this post here if you want to know the easiest way to infuse oils (no heating).

I have used sweet almond oil infused with madder root (Rubia tinctorum). The oil has been infused for six weeks with the madder root powder.

I also added pink mica powder to give the balm a very light pink color. Mica is a silicate mineral ground into a fine powder. The name mica comes from the Latin word micare, which means 'to glitter.'

You can use red oxide to tint your lip balm if you want. Check this post here for lip balm with red oxide.

If you want to swap the beeswax, please read this post here about other waxes you can use.

This recipe makes 6 lip balm tubes.


Phase A

  • Beeswax 7.3g
  • Coconut oil 8g
  • Cocoa butter 2.4g
  • Kokum butter 2.5g
  • Sweet almond oil infused with madder root 11
  • Castor oil 1g

Phase B

  • Mica powder 0.4g

Phase C

  • Vitamin E 0.2g
  • Essential oil 0.2g


  1. In a heat-resistant container, add Phase A. start with the beeswax and add the butters and oils.





  1. Place the container into a double boiler on medium heat until everything is melted.


  1. Prepare phase B measure the mica powder in a different container.


  1. Once phase A is melted, remove it from the heat.



  1. Add phase B (the mica powder) to phase A, and stir to combine.




  1. Add phase C (vitamin E and essential oil),and stir to combine.



  1. Pour into lip balm containers and let them cool down and solidify.



  1. If you can, place the balms in the fridge to cool down for 2-3 hours.

  2. Once the balms are cooled, they are ready to be used.


  • You can swap the Kokum butter with shea butter or mango butter.

  • You can use avocado butter instead of cocoa butter.

  • You can use any infused oil you like or use a carrier oil of your choice. You can infuse oils with paprika powder or annatto seeds for orange/red color.

  • If you don't want to add scent to your balm, you can skip the essential oil and add 0.2g to the carrier oil or infused oil (a total of 11.2g oil)


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