DIY Cosmetica

Lip Gloss


Make your lip gloss, choose your color or mix colors to create a unique personal color.

This lip gloss combines oils and butter, making it a super moisturizing lip product.

This is a very easy recipe. You place all ingredients in the same beaker. You need to pour the lip gloss into tube containers, and you can use the lip gloss right away.

I use white beeswax because I don't want the wax to change the color of the lip gloss. You can use yellow beeswax, considering it may add a bit of yellowish to the final color.

Although you can make this recipe without adding a preservative, I add a preservative. If you will use this lip gloss on moist lips, it is better to incorporate a preservative. Since there are no water-based ingredients in this recipe, the preservative is optional.

You can add 0.6g of castor oil if you skip the preservative.

When you add color make sure you are using cosmetics mica color that is safe for makeup and skincare products. You can choose any color you wish. I have used a fuchsia color.

Please check the supplier's instructions regarding your chosen preservative. If your preservative is heat-sensitive, make sure to check the temperature before adding it.

If you want to add flavoring oil, you can add it and subtract the amount from the castor oil. Each flavoring oil will have a specific percentage amount you can use. You'll need to add the oil according to the percentage indicated.

If you don't have vitamin E oil, you can swap it with castor oil.



Phase A

  • Castor oil 22g
  • Fractionated coconut oil 0.6g
  • Mango butter 5g
  • White beeswax 1.4g

Phase B

  • Vitamin E 0.4g
  • Mica color 2g
  • Preservative 0.6g


  1. In a heat-resistant beaker, add phase A ingredients. Strat with the beeswax.


  1. Add the castor oil.


  1. Add the mango butter.


  1. Add the fractionated coconut oil.


  1. Place the beaker into a double boiler on low-medium heat.


  1. Once everything is melted, remove from the heat. Add the vitamin E.


  1. Add the preservative.


  1. Add the mica color and stir to combine.




  1. Pour into containers.



  1. Your lip gloss is ready to be used.


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