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Mango Butter Solid Conditioner Bar


This recipe is for a solid conditioner bar.

If you have ever used a solid conditioner bar before, you know it lasts longer than a liquid one. It conditions the hair deeply because there is less water in a solid conditioner and much more conditioning agents.

Besides being extra moisturizing to the hair, the solid conditioner takes less space, and it's plastic-free.

If you have never made a solid conditioner before, you'll need a cationic surfactant, I'm using BTMS50, but in the notes below, you can find alternatives.

Once you make your bar, you can use it as soon as it's solidified. If you want your bar to last longer, make sure to let it dry in between uses.


Phase A

  • BTMS50 30g
  • Cetyl alcohol 16g
  • Mango butter 22.5g
  • Jojoba oil 14g
  • Stearic acid 4g

Phase B

  • Distilled water 6g
  • DL-Panthenol 1g
  • Glycerin 4g

Phase C

  • Preservative 1g (cosgard)
  • Fragrance/essential oil 1.5

For a solution to adjust PH, check this post on how to adjust PH.


  1. In a heat-resistant beaker, add the BTMS50.


  1. Add the cetyl alcohol.


  1. Add the stearic acid.


  1. Add the mango butter.


  1. Add the jojoba oil.


  1. In a different heat resistance container, add phase B, and start with the water.


  1. Add the panthenol.


  1. Add the glycerin.


  1. Mix well until the panthenol is dissolved.


  1. Place phases A and B in a double boiler on medium heat.


  1. Meanwhile, prepare phase C. In a different container, add the preservative.


  1. Add the fragrance oil, and set it aside.


  1. Once phase A is melted, remove it from the heat. Add phase B to phase A beaker and mix.


  1. Check and adjust the PH.


  1. I added citric acid solution to lower the PH. check this post on how to adjust PH.



  1. Add phase C to phase A beaker and mix.


  1. Pour into silicone mold.


  1. Let the bar solidify for a couple of hours.



  • BTMS50 is an emulsifying and conditioning agent. It is plant-based. The INCI is Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetyl Alcohol (and) Butylene Glycol. You can replace it with Varisoft EQ 65 (INCI Name: Distearoylethyl Dimonium Chloride (and) Cetearyl Alcohol) or Emulsense HC (INCI Name: Brassicyl Isoleucinate Esylate (and) Brassica Alcohol) in case you choose Emulsense™ HC, you will probably need to raise the PH, and it is only compatible with arginine for adjusting the pH. Check this post on how to adjust PH.

  • If you don't have DL panthenol (Vitamin B5), you can use allantoin. Take into consideration you will have to reduce the amount of allantoin to a total of 0.5 g (in this case, you can add 0.5g of glycerin, so you'll use 0.5g of allantoin and 4.5g of glycerin).

  • You can replace the mango butter with shea butter.

  • You can swap the jojoba oil with fractionated coconut oil, argan oil, broccoli seed oil, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, avocado oil, and olive oil.

  • If you use different preservatives, check the supplier instructions regarding how much to use and what PH level is recommended to the specific preservative.

  • I use fragrance oil in this recipe (I choose cherry fragrance oil), but you can use the essential oil of your choice. Please make sure you are using an essential oil safe for this product. Some essential oils can irritate the scalp, and some are not suitable for pregnant women.

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