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Nails and Cuticles Oil

PhaseIngredientPercent (%)Weight (g)
Phase 1Grapeseed oil353.5
Jojoba oil353.5
Rice bran oil262.6
Vitamin E20.2
Lemon essential oil10.1
Ylang ylang essential oil10.1
Total weight (g)

Let's make nails and cuticle oil. It's easy and takes only a few minutes to prepare.

By combining some carrier oils with vitamin E and essential oils, we will receive a moisturizing, soothing and nourishing oil that will help with dry skin around the nails and nourish our nails.

The oils I used in this recipe are great for the nails and cuticles, so that you can use this oil daily.

I use Grapeseed oil, which is known for its antifungal properties. Grapeseed oil contains antioxidants, vitamins E and C, Beta-Carotene, and vitamin D.


With all these powerful vitamins and antioxidants, this oil is super-moisturizing without being greasy like some other oils.

Next, I used Jojoba oil which is rich in vitamins E and B. Jojoba oil is not an oil. It is a wax ester. It is called oil because it looks like oil when it's kept at room temperature.


Lastly, I used rice bran oil which helps hydrate, soften and smooth the nails. Rice bran oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids. Rice bran oil improves the nail surface.


To these oils, I added vitamin E. This vitamin is an excellent antioxidant. Vitamin E delays the development of rancidity due to oxidation.

Vitamin E also helps with nourishing and replenishing the nails.

I combined two essential oils.

The first is a lemon essential oil that can help keep nails from cracking, peeling, and splitting. Lemon essential oil is high in vitamin’s content that helps strengthen the nails and brightens dullness away from the cuticles and nails. On top of that, the lemon essential oil is antibacterial.

The second essential oil is Ylang Ylang essential oil. This oil can provide shine to the nails.

You can replace the essential oils with others such as tea tree, rosemary or grapefruit.

This recipe is for 10g which fill a 10ml bottle.

To make the nails and cuticle oil, add all the oils into a small container, combine, and pour into a small glass bottle with a brush on the tap. Once the oil is in the container, you can use it immediately.




This small amount lasts a few months if you use it 2-3 times per week.

You can also infuse rice bran or grapeseed oil with rosemary or green tea and add the infused oils. To learn more about oil infusing, please read this post.

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