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Face Cleanser Base With Endless Ways To Personalize

If you like creamy, silky face cleansers, this formula is a great base formula that allows you to change phase D to personalize this formula… — 5 min read

All Purpose Cream

Summertime is the time for the beach, swimming pools and long walks. These fun activities are usually done in the open air, leaving the skin… — 4 min read

Soap Bars Only 3 Oils

Another solid soap bar recipe, this time a recipe with very few ingredients. This recipe has only three oils (ok, 2, and 1 butter). If you… — 4 min read

How to Make a Basic Lotion / Cream

In this post, I want to give you the basic information you need to make your lotions and creams. If you have never made a lotion or a cream… — 10 min read

Brightening Body Scrub

* * * Granulated sugar 280g Brightening body scrubs are designed to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, revealing brighter and smoother… — 4 min read

Silky Smooth Emulsified Body Butter

* * * A pinch of blue spirulina powder (optional) I have already shared a body butter recipe using Olivem1000 emulsifying wax. And… — 4 min read

Salt Soap Bars Recipe

Ingredients: Distilled water or infusion 232g Lye (sodium hydroxide) 102g Coconut oil 600g Cocoa butter 40g Sunflower oil 120g Castor oil… — 4 min read

Blueberry Glycerin Extract

Glycerin extract is another way to add active and color ingredients to your cosmetics. Glycerin extracts are also called Glycerites. You can… — 1 min read

Nails and Cuticles Oil

Let's make nails and cuticle oil. It's easy and takes only a few minutes to prepare. By combining some carrier oils with vitamin E and… — 2 min read

Naturally Colored Emulsified Body Butter

In a previous post, I have shared a recipe for an emulsified body butter . This is one of the most used "cream" people use these days. One… — 4 min read

Calamine Cream For Itchy Skin

* * * Citric acid solution to lower the PH. To read more about PH adjustments in cosmetics please read this post . (between 5.5-6 is fine… — 3 min read

Calendula Shower Gel for Kids

In this post, I will explain why I prefer to make kids' shower gels and not to buy commercial ones. Also, I'll explain my favorite… — 5 min read

Emulsified Body Sugar Scrub

* * * Granulated sugar 50-150g (It depends on how scrubby you want your final product). Summertime is a great time to exfoliate the body… — 3 min read

Whipped Sugar Scrub from Soap Scraps

Whipped soap scrubs are very effective for exfoliating the skin while cleaning it. Although many suppliers will have a whipped soap base… — 3 min read

Roll-on Deodorant with Zinc Ricinoleate

Previously I wrote about natural deodorants. One of those is a creamy texture deodorant you apply the same as cream or lotion. The other… — 3 min read

Body Wash and Shampoo for Kids

This recipe was formulated for my toddler and was inspired by the Weleda kids' body shower and shampoo. I was looking for a creamy… — 4 min read

Moisturizing Hibiscus Shower Gel

I love using botanicals in my skincare products, and hibiscus is one of my favorite botanicals since it has a beautiful color which gives… — 2 min read

Light Body Lotion

This recipe is for a light body lotion. It is a great lotion for when we want something not as heavy that will absorb fast and moisturize… — 3 min read

Emulsified Body Butter

This recipe is for emulsified body butter. The difference between body lotion and emulsified body butter is that a body lotion contains more… — 3 min read

Natural Solid Deodorant

I have shared a recipe for a creamy natural deodorant in a previous post. This recipe contains the same ingredients but different… — 2 min read

Natural Cream Deodorant

DIY deodorants are easy and very effective. They do not clog the pores, so they will not block the sweat. Natural deodorants contain… — 2 min read

Ingredients and Tools to Start Making Your Cosmetics

You decided to make some of your cosmetics products at home, what’s next? Which ingredients should you buy to begin creating your products… — 7 min read

Waxes in Cosmetics

This post will go over some of the most used waxes, the difference between them, and some information to help you decide which one to use in… — 3 min read

Calamine Salve

In this post, I’ll show you how to make a calamine salve. People usually use calamine to relieve the itching and discomfort of minor skin… — 2 min read

Infusing Oils (no heating)

In this post I’ll explain to you step by step how to make your own oil infusion, oil infusion can be used for many cosmetics products, such… — 3 min read

Hibiscus Hands Sanitizer Gel

In this post I’ll explain to you step by step how to make your own hand sanitizer gel, using hibiscus infusion, which will give your gel a… — 2 min read

Lotion Bar

Lotion bars are such a good alternative to body lotions, they are chemical free, plastic free and easy to take on travels, they also last… — 2 min read

Moisturizing Body Lotion

Ingredients: Phase A Green tea hydrosol 32g Aloe vera juice 32g DL panthenol 1g Niacinamide 1g Phase B Cocoa butter 6g Almond oil… — 4 min read

How to Adjust the PH Level in Cosmetics

PH level is important when you’re making skin care products, not all products have the same PH level. Most skin care products will have a PH… — 4 min read

Summer Breeze Body Lotion

This body lotion is scented with summer breeze fragrance oil, which is perfect for the summer days after a long day at the beach. This… — 2 min read

Jasmine Hand Cream

This hand cream does not contain any essential or fragrance oil, the jasmine scent comes from using jasmine wax. The wax also gives a nice… — 2 min read

Happy Soap

This soap makes me happy. I made this soap using three leftovers bars of soap I had for a few months. I decided to cut the three bars into… — 1 min read